To Protect and Serve...Drive to Survive!

To Protect and Serve...Drive to Survive!
Train as if your life depended on it! It does!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Planning Update

The Project Team continues work on gathering information on a variety of topics related to the PSTI training site.  Of vital importance is the need to locate and obtain copies of building plans (As Builts) for the old U.S. Navy barracks and processing center (Building 557).  We reached out to NAVFACSW and recently obtained a CD full of information that should prove valuable for our planning/demolition/construction teams.  A sincere thanks goes out to our friends at NAVFACSW and BRAC for pulling this information out of their archives!

As we continue work on the MOU, a challenging area has been to clearly identify all potential costs for ongoing operation and maintenance (O&M) of the PSTI EVOC Facility.  The PSTI Board of Directors wants (and deserves) a clear picture of the future costs to run the PSTI.  O&M expenses include everything from building and roadway maintenance/repairs to utilities and service contracts.  Once the facility is completed by the College District, the City and County of San Diego will share O&M responsibilities for the remainder of our lease (about 63 more years).  Discussions regarding the new EVOC Building are ongoing and issues will need to be finalized in the near future to determine accurate O&M predictions.

We met last week with City of San Diego staff to review and begin work on the Preliminary Review Process.  This process links the PSTI project team with a variety of disciplines within several different City departments.  Through preliminary review, we will obtain general information on regulations with which our project must comply, find out which permits we must obtain and obtain interpretations on how the City will apply code provisions to specific situations. It is critical we have a clear understanding of these requirements as we plan and develop PSTI.  City staff responses to our specific questions will be documented and tailored to our specific project. The information we receive during preliminary review is valid for one year from the date of the correspondence, except if 1) the code on which this information is based is changed; 2) emergency legislation is enacted by City Council; or 3) there is a change in the project scope.

The City's Development Services Department has been very proactive in guiding the PSTI Project Team as we receive information needed to make informed decisions about how to proceed with the design of our project.  For more information on the Preliminary Review Process, please refer to this site:

The Project Team will continue to meet twice each month as we push forward on this project.  Suffice it to say there is a lot of research and analysis occurring in the background (much too lengthy to discuss here) but don't forget that our Meeting Minutes are listed at the bottom right side of this web page by date for your viewing pleasure.

Have a safe 4th of July!